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First I’d like to welcome you to our little family. We’re glad you joined our site, and look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with you.  We feel that our site is just as much yours as it is ours, and if you ever have any questions or ideas on how to improve it, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are always open to listen to your suggestions and or comments.
Our pay rate is 75% and 80% for customer referrals every time he purchases for you.

To succeed here, you need to smile, be friendly and get into the show absolutely as soon as possible. Making the customer happy QUICKLY will make him a repeat customer and that's where you make money. Also, if he's YOUR customer, you will make 80% for all shows you do with him for the life of your account.

   Policy and Procedure:

1.  Our company’s websites are online at http://www.xxxcambabes.com and also at http://www.naughtyphone.com. Our sites are up and running 24/7 to the public. NaughtyPhone is a phone fantasy site and xxxCamBabes is a private video conferencing site. We must keep clients happy by providing them with the option for phone or live video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


2.   There are many girls on our sites and for you to get shows, it is suggested that you do a bit of your own promotion to get the clients into your personal page and to buy shows and calls from you. You can promote yourself in any way you choose.  There are many free methods of doing this, i.e. listing your personal page in your ICQ info, chat rooms, AOL, and link exchanges just to name a few. We will add any links you want to your personal page if you are doing a verified link exchange.


3.   We offer One on One shows and calls to the general public.  These shows/calls are where you can do whatever you want with your client, except those things that are considered illegal and obscene in your area.  These things are but not limited to:  Child pornography or bestiality.  Anyone who is discovered broadcasting illegal acts will be terminated and all monies due will be held from the contractor. If you are fired for any other reason your last check will be held for 180 days to cover any potential charge backs.


4.   We require all performers to have YAHOO so they can communicate with their clients.  YAHOO is free to the public.  We add YAHOO ME NOW links to our main page and your personal page so your clients can contact you directly from our site.YAHOO is the best way to setup your One on One shows and keep track of your clients.  If your client doesn’t have YAHOO, encourage them to download it.  There are various links on our site for them to do so.


5.  When you are YAHOO’d the first thing you need to find out from the potential client is where he found you.   Please ask him where he saw you before you take the conversation any further. 


6.  We at xxxCamBabes.com and Naughtyphone.com reserve the right to check up on you periodically to see where you are referring potential clients that contact you from our sites.  If you are found to be referring clients to other sites to pay for a show or call, you WILL be terminated, and all monies owed to you will be held.


7.  Your One on One show's are done using a variety of different software programs. We would strongly suggest that you use our viewing room as your first choice, as the video quality is superior. The popular ones are ICUII, NetMeeting, Yahoo, Eyeball Chat, and ISPQ. Your client will need to use the same software program as you are using in order to view your show. Please make sure you have Yahoo installed on your computer. You can download these programs from here. http://www.xxxcambabes.com/cambabes.php#software


Personal Page:

1.   Every performer on xxxCamBabes or NaughtyPhone is provided with a personal page.  It is your job is to bring clients for One on One shows.  It is obvious that the better your personal page is, the more one on one shows you will get.  Remember it’s your page; so feel free to customize it however YOU like.


2.  Your pictures are the most important advertising you will do for yourself.  That is why the pictures that you upload to us to use on our website must be the best quality picture you can get. They should be at least 320x240 and in good clarity, with absolutely no writing on them. We suggest some nice pictures of you either fully naked or showing your top or bottom. We will screen all pictures for quality and content before placing them on our site, so please be smart.


3.  Your bio will be added to your personal page with your pictures. Please provide us with a full page of text talking about yourself, what you like to do, measurements, turn-ons, turn-offs, and anything else that you can think of that will attract clients to buy a show. Be as graphic as you want with your writing and don’t be ashamed to tell them what you like to do while on camera and how you want to please them.

Creating your Personal Page:

            1.    Login to the performer control panel.

            2.    Click "Create/Edit my personal page"

            3.    Click the "upload photos" button and upload at least 15 clear pictures ( Your Pictures must NOT have writing on 
                    them from another website. )

            4.    When you are finished uploading pictures click the "Edit Photos and Bio" button...Arrange your pictures by 
                    number as to how you want them to appear on the page. The #1 picture will be the picture on the very top of 
                    your page with no description.

            5.    Put your bio/description next to each picture in the editor, starting at #2... and put a checkmark in the ones that 
                   don't have a description for, to add them to the picture changer which will appear at the bottom of your page
                   next to your contact information.
            6.    Now go back push the "Generate Page" button to create your page, look at it, and go back to make the
                   necessary changes until you are happy with it. 


Purchased Show Procedure: 


1.  When somebody purchases a show, and his or her credit card is accepted, first go into your login at https://secure.xxxcambabes.com/performers/login.php and click the link that says "List Pending Orders" to make sure the order is really there, (Never do a show that you don't first see in your pending list) Click the order number and Look at your confirmation receipt carefully, Notice the clients "First Purchase Date" and their customer status FIRST ORDER TODAY, NEW, SUSPICIOUS, STANDARD or REGULAR You will also receive an E-Mail from Support@xxxcambabes.com to the e-mail address you specified in your performer profile. You do NOT have to have the email to do the show as email is very unreliable.  

Customer Status is as follows:
FIRST ORDER TODAY: Means this is the first time this customer has bought on our website and they need to be checked thoroughly, make sure to trace their IP address, make sure if they claim to be in the USA that they actually are and don't type with an accent (pay attention to how they word things, you can tell) Make sure their yahoo name matches the nickname they put in the order, make sure they aren't using a woman's name, this will happen a lot with stolen credit cards. Be very cautious with first orders, they could very easily be fraud and if found to be, we will not charge the credit card, and you will not be paid for the order.

       New:  Means we have less than three months history with this customer, please check the first purchase date, and trace their IP address to make sure they are where they say they are in the world.

      Suspicious:  This person is VERY new and has used multiple credit cards, and or addresses, be very careful with this customer, cancel this order immediately if David is not available to check him out.  

      Standard:  Means this customer has been buying for more than three months and is a medium risk.

Regular:  Means this customer has been buying for more than one year and is a low risk.

      Customers become REGULAR after one year of purchasing at least 10 shows. If the first purchase date is today or very recent please use the IP tracer link in the e-mail  to make sure they are where they say they are. If the address and zip code matched it will just say approved. If the address and zip code did not match it will say INTERNATIONAL or High Risk, which means that the address and zip code did not match, or they are not in the United States.  Never do a show that says High Risk if they are in the United States without first talking to David. If they are not a regular and they are not in the United States be very careful and check them thoroughly before proceeding with the show. If their CVV2 code (the code on the back of their card...You can see an example at this link) https://secure.xxxcambabes.com/cvv2_desc.html does not match, then your confirmation will say Security Code Does NOT Match, update that order to cancel have the customer try to buy again and make sure to tell them to enter the CVV2 code correctly when they are buying time. If you still see the message on the new confirmation email, tell them politely that you can not do a show with them because their information does not match their credit card, and if they have any questions they can contact David on Yahoo with cambabes4u or support@xxxcambabes.com


2.  You will only be paid for shows when you do the following: When a show is completed you need to click the order ID in your pending list.  Once  you are there, look at the status of the show, it should say pending. Make sure "complete" is showing in the pull down menu and click submit. You will see the status change to "complete" and it will be time stamped. It will then be entered into our payroll system. If  you do not do the show, or do not plan to do the show we still need you to go to the status page and in the pull down menu change the status to "cancelled", so we can void the charge promptly.

3.   All NON-Confirmed shows will be automatically voided after 30 Days. 


4.   It is understood that any charge backs incurred by xxxCamBabes.com and NaughtyPhone.com for calls or shows done by said entertainer will be reviewed for legitimacy of the claim.  Any monies charged back to xxxCamBabes.com and NaughtyPhone.com will be debited from the entertainer’s account.  If the claim is to be deemed an error on the entertainer’s part, a $15 fee, plus the amount of the charge will be debited from the performer’s account.


Pay Scale:

1.  You will be paid 75% of the charge for the call or show that your client has chosen for you.  As an added bonus if you bring us customers and they sign up under your stage name you will receive 80% every time that customer purchases from you forever. When they sign up they will be given the option of who referred them to the site, when they choose your stage name, that customer will be attached to your account and every time they make a purchase with you 80% will be your cut. Bring all of your customers and cash in! Here is the link that customers will see when they become a member. https://secure.xxxcambabes.com/new_customer.php this is where they will choose your stagename during their sign up process. You will be charged a fifty-cent fee per transaction.  At the end of the week you will be issued a check for all calls and/or shows that you have done from two weeks prior.


2.  You are paid on the 1st and 15th of each month. The first pay period of the month begins On the 1st of the month at 12am, and ends on the 15th at 11:59:59pm Pacific Standard Time and is paid on the 1st day of the following month. The second begins On the 16th of the month at 12am, and ends on the last day of the month at 11:59:59pm Pacific Standard Time. and is paid on the 15th of the following month. All checks are mailed out on Monday by 5pm Pacific Standard Time.


3.  Your checks will be made out from AJ Communications, which is our billing name incase any of your clients ask what name will appear on their credit card statement. 


4.  We Do not issue checks under the amount of $50.00


Again, thank you for joining our company and we look forward to working with you.


 A. J. Communications
4215 Tierra Rd #103
Moorpark Ca 93065

xxxCamBabes.com and NaughtyPhone.com