If you were sent to our site from somebody that you think was Ashlee,
 click here to see some of the ways scammers try to get you to join our site, get free shows and your private information.

For the sites safety you must make sure that your site password is different from ANY
password that you use anywhere else. Example Your Yahoo Password must be different than the password you use on xxxcambabes, if it's the same CHANGE IT NOW!

Known Scammer ID's webcamlive_uk, cop_for_ever, egyptian1119, ashleetayior2003, ashleetayllor2003, xxxcambabesxxx, cambabes_suport, drfracispeterson, samyramzy, nebras98, doyouneedme4ever, xxxcambabes_key, aslyasly1, sammal666, zizo1900, denny_williams39, you_dd20052005, udar73, cambabesxxxteam, hassan_bala98, ledik2003a, xxxcambabes_order, elimination_king, vampier_09, cambades4u, ashleetaylor3002, ashleetaylor20003, xxxcambabes_support,ashleetaylor_3002, xoxsweel_lil_girlxox, ashletailor2003, brand_usa3000, otmane_bejalone, xxxcambabesashlee,

Never turn your cam on for ANYBODY until you have a pending order in your list.

Below you can see some of the scams they try to get free shows.

If you have a name or different scam I don't have please email and I will add it to this list.

 Scammer will message you and tell you to click his link, it goes to a fake yahoo page, if you enter your information your yahoo name and password will be stolen
xoxsweel_lil_girlxox: u abel 2 do fem fem show? k_a_r_i_2000: fem? xoxsweel_lil_girlxox: girl/girl k_a_r_i_2000: no sorry xoxsweel_lil_girlxox: ok xoxsweel_lil_girlxox: just solo xoxsweel_lil_girlxox: ? k_a_r_i_2000: yes k_a_r_i_2000: just solo xoxsweel_lil_girlxox: can u wear like this girl xoxsweel_lil_girlxox: http://w


Scammer will send fake emails to your yahoo email address, you must not EVER click links that people send you, they look like they are going to our site but they are NOT, below is what the scam email looks like DELETE IT DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING, he is sending from WE ARE NOT IN CANADA AND THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT OUR EMAIL ADDRESS, the only mail we will ever send you is here in this console.

HIS FAKE EMAIL--->Dear Performer, We have made some updates at webcams settings you must download the new settings. Please click DOWNLOAD or to download new settings if you don't update your WebCam some of customers may REFUND they orders, so you must update it. Just click on download or on the link > SAVE > save it in a location > after click open or run WebCamAplication after that you finished the update, it's so easy. Thanks for your patience Ashlee Taylor xxxCamBabes Team<------HIS FAKE EMAIL


In this one it looks like he is trying to gain your trust by telling you that your shows are bad and that he wants to know why.

ashleetaylor20003: Hi I see you on xxxCamBabes!
ashleetaylor20003: hello 
ashleetaylor20003: are you there? 
anothercamgirl: hi baby 
ashleetaylor20003: i want to know what's happend in your private 
anothercamgirl: yes 
anothercamgirl: o 
ashleetaylor20003: members come and complain u dont get naked or refuse do do shows 
anothercamgirl: no baby sorry but I did not have this kind of problems
ashleetaylor20003: did u read the rules i send it to you? 
anothercamgirl: yes of coures 
anothercamgirl: but i knew that your id is ashleetaylor2003 
anothercamgirl: not 200003 
ashleetaylor20003: on the nearest pc i am away 
ashleetaylor20003: i want to know the truth please 
ashleetaylor20003: do you do shows, or no 
anothercamgirl: it is ashleetaylor2003 not ashleetaylor20003


This one he sends you a message on yahoo using the screenname xxxcambabes_order telling you that there is a problem and he needs your username and password.  NEVER give your password to anybody.

xxxcambabes_order: hi there is a problem in site with ur id could u pls send us ur user name and password that u log in to fix it thanke u ! 


This one he sends you a message on yahoo using the screenname cambabesxxxteam telling you a client paid for a show, usually will give you the clients name for you to contact to do the fake show. This is obviously a scam CHECK YOUR PENDING LIST IF IT'S NOT IN YOUR PENDING LIST  IT'S FAKE  Never send your cam without a pending order.

cambabesxxxteam: hello, sorry, but our client hadn't got the show he paid


Fake Emails that look like our confirmations, but are sent to your yahoo email instead of or you don't even have your yahoo email as your email on the site. They come from a different email address than ours, something like CHECK YOUR PENDING LIST IF IT'S NOT IN YOUR PENDING LIST  IT'S FAKE

XXX Cam Babes

Order Notification for GirlsName
Order #111162

Date/Time Ordered

20-12-2004 01:37:46

Customer Name

daniel sammal

Customer Status


1st Purchase Date







View Method


IP Address Trace it


United Kingdom

Order Description

15 Minutes of Cam $45.00



Click Here to complete or cancel this order

XXX Cam Babes

Order Notification REMINDER for GirlsName
Order #112296

If this show is already done please update to complete, if not please try to contact the customer as soon as possible, if you are not going to do this show update it to cancelled. Thank you. 

Date/Time Ordered

12-18-2004 09:46:34

Customer Name

Samy Ramzy

Customer Status


1st Purchase Date







View Method


IP Address Trace it


United States

Order Description

60 Minutes of Cam $120.00



Click Here to cancel this order


This is one of the scams he is using today, sending you email that looks like it's from yahoo and when you click the link he gets your yahoo username and password, and then steals your yahoo account.
Email Subject: You Must Activate your Yahoo! account NOW , to not be suspended


Account InformationDo not reply to this message. If you did not create an account, please follow the instructions at the end of this email.


Welcome to Yahoo!

Click the link below to verify your email address and activate your account. Email verification helps protect your identity and allows you to participate safely on all of Yahoo!'s properties.

( Do Not Click)Important! Click here to activate your account. ( Do Not Click )


This one he is pretending to be part of the site admin telling you to do a fake show, always remember to  CHECK YOUR PENDING LIST IF IT'S NOT IN YOUR PENDING LIST  IT'S FAKE

xxxcambabes_key: hi ur time has been bought by aslyasly1 u must ask him a keynumber ur key number is (4793621536) for 10 minutes show good luck!xxxcambabes_key: hi ur time has been bought by aslyasly1 u must ask him a keynumber ur key number is (4793621536) for 10 minutes show good luck!

Scam Email:


afeliaa2000 is our personal customer
pls give our best member show-time (30 min) he asked
it will be paid later

key - 3456766790

your Aslee Taylor


Scam Messages:

nebras98 (5:05:36 PM): hi
nebras98 (5:06:11 PM): ready for show ? 
XXXXX (5:52:25 PM): hi there
nebras98 (5:52:32 PM): ready for show ?
XXXXX (5:52:39 PM): what kind of a show
nebras98 (5:52:48 PM): couple ?
XXXXX (5:52:55 PM): i dont do couple shows
XXXXX (5:52:59 PM): just me here
nebras98 (5:53:03 PM): ok 
nebras98 (5:53:07 PM): let me buy you a show
nebras98 (5:53:13 PM): for me you are enough 
XXXXX (5:53:21 PM): what kind of a show though
XXXXX (5:53:25 PM): i am not signed in right now
nebras98 (5:53:42 PM): nudity , sucking tits , playing with pussy , fingering
XXXXX (5:53:58 PM): can't right now
nebras98 (5:54:08 PM): bye !!!!! you are so wierd
XXXXX (5:54:20 PM): nope just not working at the moment
XXXXX (5:54:28 PM): also I am a dom
XXXXX (5:54:51 PM): and i am not weird thanks
nebras98 (5:55:04 PM): may i buy a sho w to see you in sexy clothes
XXXXX (5:55:09 PM): i already told you 
XXXXX (5:55:13 PM): i am not working right now
XXXXX (5:55:16 PM): i am messaging
XXXXX (5:55:31 PM): anyways you insulted me.
nebras98 (5:55:46 PM): i didnt insult you
nebras98 (5:55:55 PM): this is the insult , FUCK YOU BITCH bye
XXXXX (5:56:13 PM): i did not deserve that
XXXXX (5:56:21 PM): you have a problem
nebras98 (5:56:35 PM): i will not beg you to got a show 
nebras98 (5:56:42 PM): i can hack your ID and make you beg for it
XXXXX (5:56:51 PM): i already told you i am not working right now
XXXXX (5:56:55 PM): why are you bothering me?
XXXXX (5:56:59 PM): what did i do to you?
nebras98 (5:57:15 PM): let me see you
XXXXX (5:57:24 PM): i am not working right now.
XXXXX (5:57:28 PM): my cam is not set up.
nebras98 (5:57:32 PM): i wanna see your face !!!
XXXXX  (5:57:35 PM): i am not logged in to cambabes
nebras98 (5:57:36 PM): and your cam is working
XXXXX (5:57:41 PM): my cam is not on
nebras98 (5:57:50 PM): and if you will not send it now i swear i will hack you
XXXXX (5:58:04 PM): excuse me?
nebras98 (5:58:12 PM): shut upppppppppp
nebras98 (5:58:16 PM): send cam , yes or no ?
nebras98 (5:59:13 PM): ok you choosed , take care of your accounts and your PC
nebras98 (5:59:16 PM): bye bitch
XXXXX (5:59:25 PM): i am reporting you right now.
nebras98 (5:59:33 PM): bravoooooooooooooo
nebras98 (5:59:50 PM): and tell them that i will hack you
XXXXX (5:59:53 PM): you are fucked up
nebras98 (6:00:05 PM): we will see who will fucked up 
nebras98 (6:01:10 PM): bye bitch

egyptian1119: ok i buy 30 to be sure that no closing cam till he cum ok ?
XXXXX: ok but you have to buy girl girl 
egyptian1119: ok
egyptian1119: let me buy
egyptian1119: brb
egyptian1119: you have a mic ?
XXXXX: yes
egyptian1119: ok
egyptian1119: i think i finished
XXXXX: ok brb looking
egyptian1119: ok
egyptian1119: do i have to wait for so long ?
XXXXX: I am sorry it isnt showing up
XXXXX: as paid
egyptian1119: you see it in your pending list or in mail
egyptian1119: are you new here ?
XXXXX: yes but it isnt in my account box
XXXXX: you will have to contact Ashley babe
XXXXX: it isnt in my pending list
egyptian1119: is it in your mail ?
XXXXX: yes but it it is not on my prending list
XXXXX: pending*
egyptian1119: god !!!
egyptian1119: it is not my fault so
XXXXX: lol
XXXXX: and it also came to the wrong email
egyptian1119: !!!
XXXXX: winks*
egyptian1119: i will cancel this show you look like you dont know anything 
XXXXX: i know plently
XXXXX: your just a Fake
XXXXX: hahah
XXXXX: go play somewhere else
XXXXX: I been around to long to know 
XXXXX: you cant fool me babe
egyptian1119: maybe i couldnt fool you
egyptian1119: but for sure i can hack you so easy
egyptian1119: contact ashlee for that 
XXXXX: lol go ahead and try asshole
XXXXX: I will have your account locked up
egyptian1119: i will love to see you begging me for your accounts 
XXXXX: and I am reporting you now
egyptian1119: bye i love challanges so much Ld
XXXXX: your all talk
egyptian1119: surrrrrrrrrre
XXXXX: lmfao
egyptian1119: and report this too
egyptian1119: fuck you bitch 
XXXXX: Ash isnt scared of you
XXXXX: your twisted
egyptian1119: yeah yeah
egyptian1119: if she are not scared why does she send you warning on mail 
every day 
XXXXX: she doesnt
egyptian1119: ok
egyptian1119: let me show you something
XXXXX: show me
XXXXX: your a girl?
XXXXX: laughs
egyptian1119: ok wait
XXXXX: why do you hate Ash?
egyptian1119: cause i offered her friendship and she refused
XXXXX: well but your a girl
XXXXX: why should it matter
egyptian1119: His latest yahoo name, I haven't seen this one yet, he loves 
to torment all of you girls, and trys to be my friend in the's 
the same guy cop_for_ever, egyptian119, nebras98, samramzy,and newest zizo1900, 
and all of his other 20 names...Tonight he is telling girls he bought a show 
and that if you don't turn your cam on he will hack you
XXXXX: so why hurt the other girls?
XXXXX: who gave you that?
egyptian1119: to leave her site , i have many list of site , i help them and 
they love me 
XXXXX: leave her sight why?
egyptian1119: i can do manythings , noone gave me anything
egyptian1119: cause she hate me , and i hate her
egyptian1119: i will not make marketing to her
XXXXX: why steal her girls?
egyptian1119: !!
XXXXX: and how do you know them?
egyptian1119: to feel that her site is not secure and find another one and 
that what is hapening
XXXXX: how did you get her mails to the girls?
XXXXX: who gave them to you
egyptian1119: lol
egyptian1119: i know 37 passwords on her site !!!
egyptian1119: not only one
XXXXX: but why mess with her?
egyptian1119: cause she refused me as friend , so she dont have a choice to 
accept me as enemy or not
XXXXX: well why dont you leave her alone then
XXXXX: and leave the girls alone
egyptian1119: 10/29/2004 20:0 pm DELETE Hello everybody please change your 
PASSWORD NOW ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
XXXXX: how did you get that?
egyptian1119: wanna show you how can i get these by taking you yahoo ID , 
but i will not cause you are nice 
egyptian1119: thanks for understanding
egyptian1119: dont be scared we can be friends
XXXXX: you are breking the law
egyptian1119: i will not do anything bad to you
egyptian1119: sweety , i am not living in USA to break its law !!!
XXXXX: then why lie to the girls on the sight and try and steal from them?
egyptian1119: dont you understand !!!!
egyptian1119: i told you to leave the site cause it is not secure !!!
egyptian1119: ashlee using you and take huge % from your shows
XXXXX: I been there to long, I am not leaving
XXXXX: I agree to give her what she gets
XXXXX: we all do
egyptian1119: good for you
egyptian1119: you can work for your own
XXXXX: I do that to , but when I am with her I honor her
XXXXX: she deserves it
XXXXX: why be mean to her?
XXXXX: what did she do to you?
egyptian1119: as you like i dont wanna change you
XXXXX: oh you wont change me
XXXXX: I am stubern
XXXXX: and I dont scare
XXXXX: smiles
egyptian1119: i dont wanna to , you are free , and i dont wanna scaree you 
cause i am not a snake lol
XXXXX: yes you are
XXXXX: you tried to steal from me
XXXXX: and sent me a fake order
egyptian1119: ok i am sorry
XXXXX: you should be
XXXXX: thats very wrong
XXXXX: so why not tuck your tail and go away and leave Ash alone?
egyptian1119: i told you i dont wanna change your thought , so you too dont 
try to tell me that , you are free and me too
egyptian1119: she dont wanna my friendship so she have to accept my enemyship
XXXXX: why should she you are stealing things from her sight
XXXXX: and lying
egyptian1119: at the first i didnt , she push me to do this
XXXXX: how?
egyptian1119: she insulted me and thought that i cant harm her site
egyptian1119: you know
egyptian1119: i swear i can make a thing that take 4 monthes from her to 
solve it at least
XXXXX: you are hacking her sight?
XXXXX: why?
egyptian1119: but i keep it at the end , till i feel hopless
XXXXX: just leave her alone
XXXXX: maybe she doesnt like you
XXXXX: she has a choice
egyptian1119: and it is my choice too
egyptian1119: i never see her once lol
XXXXX: so why bother?
egyptian1119: and i am not poor , i can buy shows so easy
egyptian1119: buttttttttt
egyptian1119: she was so mean to me and i punish her
XXXXX: what did she say to you
egyptian1119: i have more than 100 cam girls as friend and i really help 
them and make them make good money by my advices and my help
XXXXX: then why bother with Ash
XXXXX: lol
egyptian1119: cause she is rudeeeeeeeeeee
XXXXX: I guess the girls are giving you the emails to?
egyptian1119: meaaaaaaaaaaaan
XXXXX: someone is
XXXXX: cause you arnt hacking chit
egyptian1119: 37 girls do this !!!
egyptian1119: you think that !!!
XXXXX: yes
XXXXX: i think your trying to scare her
egyptian1119: sorry , you are so fool
XXXXX: no im far from a fool
XXXXX: ok if you hacked her tell me how ?
XXXXX: tell me how you did it
XXXXX: I know all about this as well
egyptian1119: for what !!
XXXXX: so your not talking to a fool
egyptian1119: for what i tell you huh !!!
egyptian1119: you are at her side
egyptian1119: we are not freinds
XXXXX: I am not at her side , I dont live with her
XXXXX: so tell me
egyptian1119: who is this idiot master_wizard
XXXXX: he is works he goverment
XXXXX: you dont want to mess with him
egyptian1119: cool cool , 
XXXXX: he is far from a idiot
egyptian1119: i will love to make my dogs eat him
egyptian1119: hope he come to me so soon
XXXXX:LOL now you are in a mess , BYe bye, you got the law after you and 
yahoo Haha, have some.
egyptian1119:Is sorry, please tell them I will stop
XXXXX: to late bye 

XXX Cam Babes
Order Notification REMINDER for XXXXX
Order #82296
If this show is already done please update to complete, if not please try to 
contact the customer as soon as possible, if you are not going to do this 
show update it to cancelled. Thank you.

Date/Time Ordered11-01-2004 09:46:34
Customer NameSamy Ramzy
Customer Statusregular
1st Purchase Date04-20-2001 
View MethodYahoo
IP Address66.72.11.94 Trace it
CountryUnited States
Order Description
30 Minutes of Cam $90.00

Click Here to complete or cancel this order

The Model ID has been commented out:

Scam conversation logs:

i bought a couple show from her with 60$ i paid bu ikobo then she gone and didnt do me the show , pls admin remove this girl from your respectable site this is the conv.
egyptian1119: Hi I found you on!
egyptian1119: what is your payment options ?
egyptian1119: ikobo is ok
egyptian1119: 20 min ?
egyptian1119: can you do couple shows ?
egyptian1119: price
egyptian1119: till he cum over you
egyptian1119: i dont know how long her take to cum
egyptian1119: ok
egyptian1119: how much for it
egyptian1119: ok let me buy
egyptian1119: i am recharging my cc
egyptian1119: is it XXXXXX@YAHOO.COM or small letters
egyptian1119: yes
egyptian1119: god
egyptian1119: thanks
egyptian1119: finished
egyptian1119: ok
egyptian1119: ok ?
egyptian1119: are you there
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: didnt go through
egyptian1119: no way
egyptian1119: look in site carefully and in mail
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: lol..k let me check
egyptian1119: why do you laugh !!!
egyptian1119: i sent money and cant you find it and then you laugh !!!
egyptian1119: hey you
egyptian1119: what the hell
egyptian1119: i wanna my show
egyptian1119: no waiting
egyptian1119: wait for fucking what
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: go to hell , no shows for you lol
egyptian1119: what !!! , why i dodnt do anything bad to you
egyptian1119: do me the showwwwwwww
egyptian1119: ok i am gonna report you



hi chris ,
the yahoo ID xxxxxxxxxxxxx told me to pay 60$ to a paypal account then after i told her i finished and already paid she told me oh i am sorry it was a wrong account , then didnt do me the show
please do somthing to her , i lost 60$ and got nothing

thanks chris



xxxxxxxxxx (5:45:01 AM): hello , what can i do for you ?
webcamlive_uk (5:45:25 AM): i am chris of webcamlive
webcamlive_uk (5:45:34 AM): your yahoo e-mail dont accept mails of the site
webcamlive_uk (5:45:45 AM): there is an important warning
xxxxxxxxxx (5:45:58 AM): really ?
xxxxxxxxxx (5:46:03 AM): FUCK OF !
xxxxxxxxxx (5:46:06 AM): Hi girls this is me chris there is a guy pretending to be me , you have to know that my ONLY yahoo ID is webcamlive_uk , anyone talk to you on yahoo with any aother ID saying that he is chris IGNORE him , it is a scam , he wanna cheat you , and hack you , be careful girls and contact me for any scam thanks Chris
I guess all girls have to put this scammer on IGNORE !!!!!!!




webcamlive_uk: hi
webcamlive_uk: hi
webcamlive_uk: intrest in working in porn movie ?
xxxxxxxxxx: oh yeah! I've been waiting for an opportunity like this
all my life!
webcamlive_uk: great
xxxxxxxxxx: where do I sign up?
webcamlive_uk: 30000$ 30 min in front of camera 2 days of work
xxxxxxxxxx: cool!
webcamlive_uk: will have sex with albert martin big cock black man
webcamlive_uk: are you married ?
xxxxxxxxxx: I'll fuck anything that moves
xxxxxxxxxx: are you proposing too?
webcamlive_uk: no lol
webcamlive_uk: just if you are married i need your hubby to agree
xxxxxxxxxx: damn
xxxxxxxxxx: no I'm not married
webcamlive_uk: well
webcamlive_uk: movie called " big boobs in africa "
webcamlive_uk: i will send you your role to mail
webcamlive_uk: i have to finish this in 10 days
webcamlive_uk: if you agree we can sign the contract in 2 days
xxxxxxxxxx: wow! this is so exciting!
webcamlive_uk: where do you live ?
xxxxxxxxxx: california
webcamlive_uk: great
webcamlive_uk: where in cali
xxxxxxxxxx: sf
webcamlive_uk: you reduced the expenses of the plan tickets
xxxxxxxxxx: i'm a team player
webcamlive_uk: let me see you girl
xxxxxxxxxx: can I call you so we can chat while you're checking me out?
webcamlive_uk: i can call you
webcamlive_uk: what is the number
xxxxxxxxxx: I'm not giving you home home number silly
xxxxxxxxxx: but i'll call you... you'll get all that personal info
after I get the contract of course
webcamlive_uk: i am in australia now wanna call me long distance call
webcamlive_uk: will be in us after 2 days
xxxxxxxxxx: sure, i get free minutes
webcamlive_uk: look girl
webcamlive_uk: you are a doubtful girl , you are using my site what
gurantee you want more than that
webcamlive_uk: if you wanna this job send cam to finish this
xxxxxxxxxx: I've gotta start a show now. if you want to watch, give me
your number so I can call you
webcamlive_uk: you dont wanna send me your # , why do you want me to send
me yours !!
xxxxxxxxxx: because I know you're full of shit you moron
webcamlive_uk: !!!
xxxxxxxxxx: quit wasting girl's time. it's totally obnoxious. get a life
webcamlive_uk: i think you will be more polite after deleting you frm my site
webcamlive_uk: bye
xxxxxxxxxx: oooooooo I'm shaking now
xxxxxxxxxx: you sound SO powerful
xxxxxxxxxx: methinks someone is compensating for something



Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 13:50:35 2004
[01:50] *** (Link: cop_for_ever)cop_for_ever has added you to their contact list. You may choose to (Link: cop_for_ever)accept or (Link: cop_for_ever)deny this action.. You may also (Link: cop_for_ever)add this user to your contact list or (Link: cop_for_ever)ignore this user.
[01:50] cop_for_ever: hi
[01:51] cop_for_ever: why dont you talk to me
[01:51] ashleetaylor2003: I was busy in mail 
[01:51] cop_for_ever: ok
[01:51] ashleetaylor2003: I'm not adding you though sorry 
[01:51] ashleetaylor2003: and I'm not letting you add me 
[01:52] ashleetaylor2003: not sure how you steal the account, but I don't really want to go through mine being taken if you don't mind 
[01:52] cop_for_ever: i swear i will not harm you
[01:52] cop_for_ever: i promise
[01:52] cop_for_ever: i wanna be friend of you all not enemy !!!
[01:52] ashleetaylor2003: well when you hurt my girls it's hurting me and my business 
[01:53] ashleetaylor2003: so that doesn't make sense 
[01:53] cop_for_ever: i promised you i will not do this again !!!
[01:53] ashleetaylor2003: so your crime spree is over? 
[01:53] cop_for_ever: what does spree mean
[01:54] ashleetaylor2003: just means you did it over and over 
[01:54] cop_for_ever: i will not harm any girl of them for one condition
[01:55] cop_for_ever: if you promise me to be friends
[01:55] cop_for_ever: and i can be so helpful for you
[01:55] ashleetaylor2003: hows that 
[01:55] cop_for_ever: for any problems in your bussiness
[01:55] cop_for_ever: me and you be friends , 
[01:56] cop_for_ever: is it that hard
[01:56] ashleetaylor2003: not at all 
[01:56] ashleetaylor2003: but I can't talk like all the time...even with friends that i know in person I can only talk for short times because I always have a lot of work to do 
[01:56] cop_for_ever: i can help you
[01:56] cop_for_ever: make me admin
[01:57] cop_for_ever: and i will be the best admin
[01:57] cop_for_ever: lol
[01:57] ashleetaylor2003: there is no admin 
[01:57] cop_for_ever: no one can fake me
[01:57] ashleetaylor2003: I am the owner I do it all 
[01:57] cop_for_ever: ok
[01:57] cop_for_ever: what about me helping you
[01:57] cop_for_ever: i am a specialist in internet and networking 
[01:57] ashleetaylor2003: no I'm sorry but I do not give anybody access 
[01:58] cop_for_ever: ok
[01:58] cop_for_ever: see this
[01:58] cop_for_ever: is sending fake confirmations, NEVER DO A SHOW that is not in your control panel pending list. One of our girls sent him a confirmation yesterday because he told her he was a performer. Never send your confirmations to anybody, they are private between you and the site.
[01:58] cop_for_ever: i can access what i want :P
[01:58] ashleetaylor2003: yes in the girls email 
[01:58] ashleetaylor2003: because you took her account 
[01:58] cop_for_ever: i promised you to not hack you 
[01:58] cop_for_ever: but i can hack anything
[01:59] cop_for_ever: just i am so good in this
[01:59] cop_for_ever: thats all
[01:59] ashleetaylor2003: u should use that energy for good not for bad 
[01:59] ashleetaylor2003: you would be a very sucessful person 
[02:00] cop_for_ever: i try to make a deal with you to work for you and you dont accept 
[02:00] ashleetaylor2003: nobody works for me 
[02:00] cop_for_ever: work with you
[02:00] ashleetaylor2003: I mean with your country 
[02:00] cop_for_ever: find me a job in your site and i will not take salary dont worry i will work for free
[02:01] ashleetaylor2003: again I do not hire people on my site 
[02:01] ashleetaylor2003: I work and I have a partner that lives here but nobody else works on my site except the girls as performers 
[02:02] cop_for_ever: i have a good idea
[02:02] ashleetaylor2003: anyhow I need to run, I have a lot of work to do and I want to get some lunch before I get into work. have a good day 
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 14:02:23 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 14:02:42 2004
[02:02] cop_for_ever: ok but i freeze my promise till we have a deal
[02:02] cop_for_ever: ok ?
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 14:02:57 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 14:03:53 2004
[02:03] cop_for_ever: tommorrow i will show you how strong in internet i am ok ? ;)
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 14:04:03 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 14:04:10 2004
[02:04] cop_for_ever: bye nice lady
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 14:04:17 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 14:53:33 2004
[02:53] cop_for_ever: ashlee
[02:54] cop_for_ever: now i have 12 mail of your girls
[02:54] cop_for_ever: dont you see that girls online is not that much in sunday night ?
[02:55] cop_for_ever: ok ashlee
[02:55] ashleetaylor2003: hi 
[02:55] ashleetaylor2003: I told you that I have a very busy day 
[02:55] ashleetaylor2003: I can't talk 
[02:55] cop_for_ever: ok
[02:56] cop_for_ever: i want you to make me the help desk of these girls
[02:56] cop_for_ever: thats all
[02:56] cop_for_ever: be with your side not againist you
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 14:58:48 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 14:59:16 2004
[02:59] cop_for_ever: damn i will destroy your site and you keep quite !!!
[02:59] cop_for_ever: as you like
[03:00] cop_for_ever: i told you and dont blame me 
[03:01] ashleetaylor2003: yeah that's a nice thing to say if you want to be on my good side 
[03:01] ashleetaylor2003: I think your proirities are really messed up 
[03:02] cop_for_ever: ashlee
[03:02] cop_for_ever: make me your site help desk
[03:02] ashleetaylor2003: again I do not hire outside people to work on my site and this is not an exception 
[03:02] cop_for_ever: ok
[03:02] cop_for_ever: i offered my peace and you refused it
[03:03] ashleetaylor2003: because you can't work for somebody you try to destroy them 
[03:03] ashleetaylor2003: does that make sense 
[03:03] ashleetaylor2003: you should really find something else to do with your time 
[03:03] cop_for_ever: i will destroy them if they dont accept me in thier side
[03:03] ashleetaylor2003: you are not being a nice person 
[03:03] ashleetaylor2003: you sound like a terrorist 
[03:03] ashleetaylor2003: you should go to church 
[03:04] cop_for_ever: think about it
[03:04] cop_for_ever: i dont wanna have any acces to your site
[03:04] ashleetaylor2003: then don't 
[03:04] cop_for_ever: just if girls need hel , they contact me
[03:04] cop_for_ever: help*
[03:04] ashleetaylor2003: that is not possible, you have no idea what my job is 
[03:04] ashleetaylor2003: it's not as easy as you may think 
[03:04] cop_for_ever: i know all your job
[03:05] cop_for_ever: ask me and i will answer
[03:05] ashleetaylor2003: sorry again I have to work 
[03:05] ashleetaylor2003: I am not hiring you or anybody else 
[03:05] cop_for_ever: i wanna work for you , for nothing !!! , just your girls friendship !!
[03:05] ashleetaylor2003: you have hacked them, I really doubt they want to be your friend 
[03:06] ashleetaylor2003: please I have to work I can't keep typing messages 
[03:06] ashleetaylor2003: bye 
[03:06] cop_for_ever: ok . i will complete what i do and dont blame anyone but you
[03:06] cop_for_ever: bye bye :d
[03:06] ashleetaylor2003: blame yourself, you are the one set out to hurt should really find something else to do with your time 
[03:07] ashleetaylor2003: bye 4 now 
[03:07] cop_for_ever: i try to have peace with ppl and ppl dont accept
[03:07] ashleetaylor2003: I accept peace but I also do not need an admin 
[03:07] cop_for_ever: so try to find someone to help you cause in two or three days you will really ask me to stop that
[03:07] ashleetaylor2003: you should accept that 
[03:08] cop_for_ever: i dont wanna be admin
[03:08] ashleetaylor2003: there is no help desk 
[03:08] cop_for_ever: you refuse all i want !!! 
[03:08] cop_for_ever: bye ashlee
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 15:08:44 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 15:34:56 2004
[03:34] cop_for_ever: okkkkkkkkk
[03:34] cop_for_ever: make me mad more
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 15:37:13 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 16:34:16 2004
[04:34] cop_for_ever: hi
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Sat May 29 16:35:13 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Sun May 30 13:46:14 2004
[01:46] cop_for_ever: are you fool :))
[01:46] *** Auto-response sent to cop_for_ever: I am away from my computer right now. Leave me a message and I will get back to you when I return
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Sun May 30 13:47:06 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Wed Jun 02 12:37:50 2004
[12:37] cop_for_ever: cool
[12:37] cop_for_ever: hi
[12:39] cop_for_ever: i just wan=ted to tell you very serious thing
[12:40] cop_for_ever: ok
[12:40] cop_for_ever: when you come back buzz me
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Wed Jun 02 13:05:07 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Wed Jun 02 14:04:39 2004
[02:04] cop_for_ever: hi
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Wed Jun 02 14:10:42 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:cop_for_ever): Thu Jun 03 16:28:38 2004
[04:28] cop_for_ever: ashley
[04:28] cop_for_ever: just wanna see your face dont be silly
[04:29] cop_for_ever: <ding>
[04:29] *** cop_for_ever has been ignored.
Session Close (cop_for_ever): Thu Jun 03 16:29:20 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:xxxcambabesxxx): Tue Oct 26 20:00:36 2004
[08:00] xxxcambabesxxx: hi
[08:00] xxxcambabesxxx: :d
[08:01] *** (Link: xxxcambabesxxx)xxxcambabesxxx has added you to their contact list. You may choose to (Link: xxxcambabesxxx)accept or (Link: xxxcambabesxxx)deny this action.. You may also (Link: xxxcambabesxxx)add this user to your contact list or (Link: xxxcambabesxxx)ignore this user.
Session Close (xxxcambabesxxx): Tue Oct 26 20:13:33 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:xxxcambabesxxx): Tue Oct 26 20:17:50 2004
[08:17] xxxcambabesxxx: ash ash :d
[08:18] xxxcambabesxxx: i missed you hun
[08:21] xxxcambabesxxx: come on ashley
[08:21] xxxcambabesxxx: talk to me
[08:21] xxxcambabesxxx: i never know you coward
[08:22] xxxcambabesxxx: i always know you brave and smart
[08:22] xxxcambabesxxx: lets talk sillyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i missed you
Session Close (xxxcambabesxxx): Tue Oct 26 20:58:18 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:xxxcambabesxxx): Thu Oct 28 20:59:24 2004
[08:59] xxxcambabesxxx: ash ash
[08:59] *** Auto-response sent to xxxcambabesxxx: I am away from my computer right now. Leave me a message and I will get back to you when I return
Session Close (xxxcambabesxxx): Fri Oct 29 00:07:32 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:xxxcambabesxxx): Fri Oct 29 15:59:52 2004
[03:59] xxxcambabesxxx: hi
[03:59] *** Auto-response sent to xxxcambabesxxx: I am away from my computer right now. Leave me a message and I will get back to you when I return
[04:00] xxxcambabesxxx: <ding>
Session Close (xxxcambabesxxx): Fri Oct 29 16:24:16 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:xxxcambabesxxx): Sat Oct 30 20:58:31 2004
[08:58] xxxcambabesxxx: ashlee
[08:58] xxxcambabesxxx: aslee
Session Close (xxxcambabesxxx): Sat Oct 30 21:20:06 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:xxxcambabesxxx): Mon Nov 01 17:12:50 2004
[05:12] xxxcambabesxxx: ash
[05:12] *** Auto-response sent to xxxcambabesxxx: It's that time again. Doing payroll, I'll be back at this computer a bit later. leave a message and I'll check in. xoxo Ash
[05:13] xxxcambabesxxx: ok
[05:13] xxxcambabesxxx: take care of my salary lol
Session Close (xxxcambabesxxx): Mon Nov 01 21:02:23 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:xxxcambabesxxx): Thu Nov 04 16:31:27 2004
[04:31] xxxcambabesxxx: hi ash
[04:31] *** Auto-response sent to xxxcambabesxxx: I am away from my computer right now. Leave me a message and I will get back to you when I return
Session Close (xxxcambabesxxx): Thu Nov 04 19:33:32 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:xxxcambabesxxx): Fri Nov 05 17:15:42 2004
[05:15] xxxcambabesxxx: ash
[05:15] *** Auto-response sent to xxxcambabesxxx: I am away from my computer right now. Leave me a message and I will get back to you when I return
[05:15] xxxcambabesxxx: <ding>
[05:15] xxxcambabesxxx: ash
[05:15] xxxcambabesxxx: wanna tell you something important
[05:16] xxxcambabesxxx: <ding>
[05:16] xxxcambabesxxx: ash
[05:16] xxxcambabesxxx: come her
[05:16] xxxcambabesxxx: e
[05:46] ashleetaylor2003: what could you possibly tell me that i want to hear 
Session Close (xxxcambabesxxx): Fri Nov 05 17:50:04 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:xxxcambabesxxx): Fri Nov 05 18:36:45 2004
[06:36] xxxcambabesxxx: hi
[06:36] *** Auto-response sent to xxxcambabesxxx: I am away from my computer right now. Leave me a message and I will get back to you when I return
Session Close (xxxcambabesxxx): Fri Nov 05 20:00:10 2004

Session Start (ashleetaylor2003:xxxcambabesxxx): Thu Nov 11 19:55:52 2004
[07:55] xxxcambabesxxx: ash
[07:55] *** Auto-response sent to xxxcambabesxxx: I am away from my computer right now. Leave me a message and I will get back to you when I return
[07:56] xxxcambabesxxx: i wanna make a real deal i swear
[07:57] xxxcambabesxxx: i wanna advertise my site on your site
[07:57] xxxcambabesxxx: <ding>
Session Close (xxxcambabesxxx): Thu Nov 11 20:51:48 2004



webcamlive_uk: hi

xxxxxxxxxx: what can i do for you?
webcamlive_uk: i wanna contact real chris
xxxxxxxxxx: what your reason?
webcamlive_uk: to tell him that i am sorry
xxxxxxxxxx: and why would you say sorry?
webcamlive_uk: cause i was pretending to be him
xxxxxxxxxx: and now what do you want from him?
webcamlive_uk: being friends
xxxxxxxxxx: what makes you say he wants to be your friend?
webcamlive_uk: cause i wanna learn from his experiences and he will like my experiences in computer too
xxxxxxxxxx: learn what experience?
webcamlive_uk: well
webcamlive_uk: may i ask alittle
webcamlive_uk: cause you ask from the begining
webcamlive_uk: are you chris
webcamlive_uk: i am trying to be nice , so dont destroy this chance to be friends
xxxxxxxxxx: this isnt chris sorry
webcamlive_uk: ok
xxxxxxxxxx: bye
webcamlive_uk: how can i contact him
xxxxxxxxxx: got to go.. it late here
webcamlive_uk: look , saying "bye " like this is not nice
webcamlive_uk: you have to show some respect
webcamlive_uk: well
webcamlive_uk: i tried to be nice and you dont wanna peace
webcamlive_uk: bye